Caspian 460MW F Class Combined Cycle Power Plant (Single Shaft)

Considering the country need for electricity United Energy Developers Company was awarded the execution of a EPC-turnkey F-Class Single Shaft Combined Cycle Power Plant with high efficiency (57.7%) contract. This contract was signed with one of the largest private clients in iran`s  power generation (Mahtaab Group). The capacity of this power plant is 460MW.

Despite the technical complexity of this project as the first F Class power plant in the country, the engineering activities were fast tracked efficiently to cath up with the project tight time schedule.

Basic project document were prepared by fichtner, Germany and AFConsult, Switzerland. The detail project documents were prepared by system/ equipment manufacturer companies and Ghods Niroo Company whitch all of the design technical backeup was handled by United Energy Developers engineering team in wich more than 5000 documents were prepared and generated.

Project Achievement

  • Construction of the first 460MW thermal plant in a small area compared to the other plants (about 8 hektares).
  • Optimized power plant contracting cost comparing to other local contractors.
  • Supply and installation of turbine hall overhead crane (460tons capacity for the first time in iran)
  • New ZLD system for purification of chemical and hazardous material also RO+EDI system for demine water production)
  • The first integrated auxiliary cooling system for gas and steam simultaneous operation.
  • The greatest Step-up Transformer in iran with high Capacity (550MVA)
  • First SPPA-T-3000 Distributed Control System (under license of Siemens Co.)
  • Manufactures more than 50% of the project equipment using domestic production capabilities.
  • Transportation of the heaviest plant cargos through Black Sea-Volga River- Caspian Sea